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Fight for the future

When today’s young people look back on 2016, I can’t help but believe this year will be their Democratic Convention ’68, their Vietnam protests, their Watergate protests. This will be their Kent State. Some current youngsters wonder what “being a … Continue reading

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God and Guesswork

I’m told by various Bible scholars and End-Times Enthusiasts that God is coming soon. It’s all in Revelations and Bible Codes and preached about on cable TV (in exchange for all the cash in your bank account) that Jesus will … Continue reading

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Where Angels Fear to Tread

I was baptized at the First Baptist Church of Depew when I was around 10 years old. I say “around 10” because I’m kind of hazy about what age I did anything back then. All I know for sure is … Continue reading

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In search of the man in the searchlight

I was raised in a semi-Christian household. That is, we were told that we should believe in God and Jesus but nobody really explained the Christian religion to me. All I knew was on Sundays Papa turned on the TV … Continue reading

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