I am first and foremost, a writer. I have been literally ever since I can remember. I work outside the home to earn my daily bread but writing is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I write science fiction romance in a (for now) 26- book series (Flight of the Armada), Young Adult novels (Mr. Nice Guy), Creative Nonfiction (The Biggest Little Fan of the Red Ball Express) and Southern Humor (A Chatterstrip at the End of Civilization.) Those are the published ones; there are about a dozen detailed outlines of other novels and short stories in my files that I’ll get around to one of these days, I suppose.

It’s a drive, I tell you! A need, a never ending inner demand that I sit before a keyboard and slam out story after story, or edit and tweak and haggle with vocabulary issues!

I have three wonderful, beautiful, gifted, intelligent, awesome children. They are adults now with lives of their own, careers and relationships, but they’ll always be my babies.

In a less dramatic vein, I am also a big fan of goats, hence the title of this blog. I know it’s actually “a herd of goats” but just listen to goats trot over a hard surface to check out the vegetation on the other side and you’ll hear a clatter. (I can rationalize just about anything, especially when it comes to goats.)

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  1. Katie says:

    Haha- I read that the three of us “are adults now” and I was like, “Oh…yeah, I guess we all are.” 🙂 Love you!!

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