To the January 6, 2021 mob

To the January 6 2021 mob:

If you are wondering what is going to happen to you now that you have been arrested and face serious time on serious federal charges, let me assure you of one thing: your Great White Hope, the now former president who told you to march down to the Capitol building and “fight like hell”, is not going to help you.

He never was going to. He never will.

Just as he told you he would march with you – and then did not – Donald John Trump is going to leave you high and dry, just as he has for decades with other people who made the mistake to believe him. Decades of stiffing contractors would have warned you of that, had you only paid attention. Despite his assurance a few years ago that he would provide bail for his followers, do not count on that. He is going to leave you to twist in the wind, to search for and pay for your own defense attorney, to face trial with damning evidence, and will most likely end up in federal prison for a number of years, leaving any family members dependent upon you to face those years without you.

Donald Trump is not going to be there to help you because he has legal problems of his own. He had a hard time finding competent lawyers for himself in his second impeachment trial; what makes you think he will bother finding anyone to represent any of you? There are potential criminal and civil charges facing him in numerous states and that will be costly to him. And no, if he were truly a billionaire and kept his word, he would have bailed each of you out by now and found you legal representation. He said he would, but Donald Trump has a history of not paying people he owes money, and lawyers will not work without getting paid. Donald Trump has a history of skimming money from fundraisers to put in his pocket. He is not going to spend a dime on you.

It is not as if any of this was hidden from you, you simply did not want to believe anything except what he told you, what you wanted to hear. For years other people tried to alert you Trump followers about his untrustworthiness, his lies and exaggerations and underhanded betrayal of people he deals with. You thought he was a successful businessman BECAUSE HE SAID SO, without checking into that yourself. “We don’t need any more politicians in the White House, let’s vote in a businessman!” you declared. Well, there are multiple examples of failed businesses on his record; you simply ignored them or bought into his “fake news” rhetoric without looking for proof. You thought he was a moral, devout Christian BECAUSE HE SAID SO, and you conveniently ignored his history of cheating on each of his three wives, of his bragging about groping young women, of his claim that he supported anti-abortion because he was such a good Christian even though he cannot quote a single Bible scripture, knows not even a simple chorus of a hymn and does not even know how to correctly hold your Holy Book. You thought he could lead America BECAUSE HE SAID SO, despite our falling standing on the world stage, despite terrible economic decisions, and despite his ego-driven refusal to take firm measures against a growing pandemic.

Many of you wanted to support him because he gave voice to the same white privilege beliefs you cling to. Many of you are members of white supremist groups or hate groups, or that you simply do not like the idea of anyone different from you, being equal to you. Congratulations – Donald Trump does not want to associate with you, either. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has never wanted for anything and never accepted the word “no.” He does not understand the plight of the American worker because he has never worked like other Americans in his life. Everything was given to him; did that happen to you?

Do you get it now? Do you realize he has been playing you this whole time? It did not matter to him that he sent you to the Capitol to commit insurrection for him, because TRUMP CONSIDERS YOU EXPENDABLE. That is right, you were nothing more than a pawn on his chessboard. If you actually had successfully seized and harmed his Vice President and members of Congress, he would have had a chokehold on power and credited himself for it. Think about it – his own Vice President, who loyally stood beside Trump for four years, tried to explain that he could not do Trump’s bidding during the Electoral count because THAT WOULD BE AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION. For that refusal, Trump turned on Mike Pence, so your howling mob sought to ASSASSINATE THE VICE PRESIDENT. Threatening a federal official, especially the Vice President of the United States, is a federal offense.

But, as you are now finding out, since you failed to complete an insurrection and failed to overtake Congress and kill Trump’s imagined adversaries, Donald Trump is not going to help you. He is not going to get in touch with any of you, you are going to sit in jail while he is out golfing or watching television or screaming at his remaining staff members because he is not getting is way. It is not in his interest to do anything for you now that you are in trouble and can no longer fight like hell for him. If you are not on his chessboard, he will not be able to move you in his game, and therefore you are of no further use.

He has made it possible for you to lose your personal, actual freedom by telling you to storm the Capitol and “stop the steal”, something that is also untrue. He set the stage long ago by suggesting the election could be stolen and did everything he could, like tampering with the mail service, to see that it could be stolen in his favor. But when Democrats rallied and went to the polls or mailed in ballots in large numbers despite voting restrictions, his ego simply could not understand why someone would not want to vote for him. He was then able to claim the Democrats stole the vote, but do you understand by now, Donald Trump does not ever tell the truth? He is a serial liar, always has been, always will be, and as long as there are gullible disenfranchised people like you who persist in listening to a man with a terrible history of betraying other people, Trump will continue to lie.

The constant in this whole sordid business is that Donald Trump cares for no one but himself. The sooner you followers come to grips with the fact that he betrayed every single person in this country, the sooner you will realize how empty his leadership really was.

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