Long ago in the dark history of mankind, princes sometimes had a child of similar age as a playmate. The playmate was able to enjoy many privileges the prince enjoyed; fine clothing, plenty of delicious food, free time to play, things the rest of the empire did not get to enjoy. However, when pampered princes of a realm got into trouble, the prince would not be punished. Instead, his companion to take the prince’s place and received the whipping the prince did not get.

Fast forward to the 21st century.

Today it was reported that, according to Oklahoma Representative Jim Inhofe, Vice President Mike Pence is angry that Trump has turned on him “after all the things I’ve done for him.” Mike Pence appears to be either pretty slow on the uptake or a natural-born citizen of the State of Denial.

I imagine he is having to quietly choke on his anger since it is tempered with the knowledge that if he actually does invoke the 25th, the big red target Trump painted on his ass will get even bigger. Mike Pence sucked up to his boss for the last four years, defending every disgusting or embarrassing thing Trump did and said, watching Trump turn against those lackeys who disagreed with him, SEEING for himself, the despot forming before the nation’s eyes. Pence said nothing, looked away when the rage-filled Tweets issued forth to vilify those who were not kissing presidential ass hard enough.

Now Pence realizes he has joined ranks with those lackeys by actually performing duties of his office as Vice President. He is now feeling the wrath of the man-child-who-would-be-dictator. Pence will be targeted from here on, never knowing what day some right-wing redneck buttflake takes aim at him. The terrorists of January 6 shouted “Hang Mike Pence” and had it not been for the quick thinking of a humble Capitol Hill policeman, they may have done that very thing. That is what those animals wanted. That is the price he might pay for wearing his title of Vice-President under Donald Trump: he and Mother will spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders.

I cannot say that I feel sorry for him; after all, he witnessed how Trump treats people. He should have known this day would come. Trump recklessly trampled on every tradition and expectation and normal social stance the 44 presidents before him ever upheld. He broke laws, he offended common sensibilities; hell, if the “Pussy Grabbing” tape did not run a blazing red flag up the pole for Mike “I’m a good Christian” Pence, then he was a willing partner in every rotten shitty thing Trump has done while in office. So no, I do not feel sorry for Pence. That is what happens when you knowingly throw in with criminals, Mike.

Why he is not scrambling to get enough signatures to invoke the 25th and drum the Mad King out of office MIGHT be to lessen Trump’s ire, or possibly to prevent the remaining Cabinet members from similar wrath. I do not know if Mike Pence is that generous, however.

Pence’s political career is in freefall; he could possibly salvage what little dignity he has left if he just publicly admitted what all he has learned while on his watch as Donald Trump’s dickholder. That would be heroic and would require him to be noble. But since he has shown he is capable of independent thought clearly enough to preside over the Electoral certification as he was supposed to, going through with invoking the 25th would go far is repairing his scorched political reputation. He might be able to successfully disappear with Mother into the mist of the Witness Protection Program. He might be able of repair some of his reputation and the history books of the future might not paint him with the same stain as his boss. If – ah – if not for that big red target Donald painted on his ass.

Being a whipping boy is all fun and games unless the pampered prince does not get his way. The whipping boys of yesteryear did not have a choice in their role. Pence is upset now despite knowing he HAD a choice for the past four and a half years. He chose poorly.

Lie down with dogs; rise with mange.

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I am a writer and an avid fan of goats. The two facts are not mutually exclusive.
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