The Future Wears A Bright Little Hat

I wrote about eight paragraphs about my fears of what might happen in the elections this fall, but then I stopped. I do not want to be negative today. Instead, I think I will do something else.


This is the most adorable baby on the entire fucking planet. She is named for her two great-grandmothers and a great-grand-aunt. This is Georgeanne and she is my first grandchild.

She is a happy baby; verbal, giggly, loved by all the other babies at her daycare, admired by all her daycare caregivers and is adored by her parents and grandparents. She was born in the Rocky Mountains during a blizzard and it took eight hours (normally only two) for me to get to the hospital to see her on the day she was born. SO WORTH IT. She captured my heart effortlessly with her little baby sighs, and I have been intrigued ever since.

Oh yes, this is MUCH better than talking politics or religion!

In a less stressful world, I would like to see her grow up to take piano lessons (and stick to them, unlike a certain Grandparent she has because I was such a short-sighted, idle idiot when I was a kid) and take dance lessons (tap, jazz, step, jazz – whatever is her fancy) perhaps do tai chi and practice Tae Kwon Do if she wants to. Georgeanne will be encouraged to be a Renaissance girl.

I would like to see her have a horse (not a pony, those little bastards can be unreasonably mean, I do not care how cute ponies look.) When I was a kid, my sister kept her horse out at a friend’s farm. They had a lot of rideable horses but their older kids were not interested in riding any longer, and their youngest child needed riding companions to ride the trails around their land. We Watson girls were all horse crazy so we gladly took their the horses out for rides to keep the horses gentle. We joined the Round-Up club and barrel raced and did the pole bending competition at the local arena, and just generally had a blast. Georgeanne lives in Colorado so hopefully the chances of her being able to enjoy a similar experience, is possible. I know I had a lot of fun.

Of course she should have chickens and GOATS, and her parents have talked about getting a place where the chickens at least would be possible. Naturally I advocate for the goat part, but then they are the ones who would have to actually take care of them on a day to day basis. Still, I think Georgeanne might like raising goats for 4-H or an FFA group. Her Auntie Laurel has fond memories of doing the same.

I like to think in her future there will be a bike or kick scooter and eventually a really great sports car (okay, I am projecting; I know it.) She will have an eye for fashion and a stunning sense of personal style, like her mum. She already likes to mimic singers on the Music Channel Oldies Station – she was giving Diana Ross a run for her money the other day, yaya-ing along with “In and Out of Love.” Again, I am projecting, but that is what grandparents DO; they imagine the best for their children and grandchildren. Ssh!

She looks exactly, and I do mean EXACTLY, like her beautiful mother, right down to the pert little nose and big brown eyes and irrepressible giggle. She acts a lot like her mother, sweet and smiling but also strong in opinion and outspoken about what is on her mind (the outrage of running out of applesauce! – what fresh hell is this, Gram?!) She also seems to have the patience and grace of her father, as well as his strength.

When she comes to visit Gram I will in the due course of time, introduce her to anime films by Miyazaki (because what kind of responsible grandparent would NOT introduce a beloved child to Miyazaki?!) and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (because what kind of responsible grandparent would NOT introduce a beloved child to Fred Rogers?!) read the adventures of the Native American trickster Ikatomi, the Harry Potter books and movies, and The Lord of the Rings (again, responsible grandparents, et cetera) She will come to know the wit of Dorothy Parker, the imagination of K L Lance, and the Cowboy Bebop series in her teen years.

I am uncertain what school will be like for her when she is ready to attend, but I anticipate following her progress and hopefully, will be around to offer sage advice and cookies, make costumes for Halloween and school events, and be as good a Gram as I can be. I will probably be a rather unorthodox grandparent, but you can be sure I will be a fiercely loyal and loving one too.

When she is old enough and if she is interested, I will give her access to my Flight of the Armada series. My sons enjoyed it in their teens, and I would like to leave something of mine to pass on for her to enjoy. Of course her mom and I will encourage any interest she has in writing. If there is any gene I like to think I have passed on to my prodigy, it is a love of the craft of writing.

I look forward to seeing this wonderful child grow up. That is why I fight to make the future hopeful for her.

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I am a writer and an avid fan of goats. The two facts are not mutually exclusive.
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