False faith

“It’s a bible.”
Did you hear Trump, Christians, when a reporter asked if the book he was carrying was his?
“It’s a bible.”
Listen to the way he said it, watch the way he held it. It didn’t matter to him; it was just a book he had someone hand to him, a book that other people seemed to care about. A book that he could display in a shameless photo op in front of a church he never attended, in order to curry favor with a particular demographic. A book that his voice did not capitalize. Why should he? It was a bible, just a bible.
“Look here,” Trump’s display suggested. “Look at me, I’m standing here in front of this handy church building, holding up this bible book, so this must prove I’m a Christian. And because you are too cowardly to question whether I am sincere or simply using you, you’ll follow me and ignore my actions. You’ll feed on what you choose to interpret what I say, and not what I actually say, not on what I do. You choose to stand for Trump instead of Christ.”
You… you do know they are not one in the same, don’t you?
Trump is the same kind of “Christian” as those who would approve of caging small children in dog pens for months on end, the same kind of “Christian” as those who think it’s acceptable to systematically brutalize and terrorize and kill people of color, the same kind of “Christian” who thinks Prosperity Gospel has anything to do with the teachings of Christ. That is to say, no real Christian at all.
When are in-name-only “Christians” going to realize this man who accuses actual working governors of weakness while he hides inside his presidential bunker, is a nothing but charlatan? That he cares more about his popularity and poll numbers than he does about people’s health and safety, that he vilifies people who ask him straightforward questions and do not grovel at his feet? That his pride and ego are what matters most to him?
He is doing the very thing that you “Christians” have been worrying about for years: pretending to follow God’s law when he is actually the very antithesis of what Jesus taught. An Anti-Christ, if you will. But oh no, because he claims to be a Christian now you will follow him into Hell regardless of the many, many other wrongs he has done and continues to do. Because you can stick him under the umbrella of “oh, but he’s changed, he’s born again, he’s washed in the blood of Jesus!” you can sleep at night.
Oh, he’s washed in blood, all right. He’s awash in the blood of the marginalized and downtrodden. He’s awash in the blood being spilled because of his inaction to crisis and his venomous words encouraging violence. There’s blood all over his hands and by extension, there’s blood all over yours.
Stop supporting this unholy man.

About jmichaeljones57

I am a writer and an avid fan of goats. The two facts are not mutually exclusive.
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