Dear Republican Senators,

What is wrong with you?

Did you or did you not, take an oath to protect the Constitution and to serve the people of the United States of America? Did you take the same Civics classes as the rest of America did, or have lobbyists and special interest groups and wealthy campaign donors change you into a shadow of what you might have been?

Why are you trying to protect Donald Trump, who is arguably the most corrupt man in Washington? Why are you allowing Mitch McConnell to deliberately declare his alliance with the White House instead of keeping an open mind during the impeachment proceedings? Why would you accept a THREAT from Trump that your “head will be on a pike” if you vote to convict him during this impeachment trial? What has he got on you, and why would you allow this CON MAN to get away with it? If he is so innocent, why does he refuse to allow witnesses to take the stand in his defense? You know the reason; why should I have to point out that it is because he is NOT innocent. Why are you even allowing him to refuse? What happened to jailing people who ignore subpoenas? Or do you look the other way and allow them to ignore the law because they are members of your political party? You should be ashamed to call yourself an American.

You KNOW Donald Trump is wrong. You KNOW he is breaking laws, breaking presidential traditions, breaking alliances with countries who have been by our side for years. You KNOW he is illegally profiting from his presidency, that his adult children should not be in his administration in positions they are neither qualified to hold nor able to pass a security screening. You KNOW he lies constantly. You know, but you are doing nothing to stop him or call him on his wrongs. You are no longer a respected member of Congress. As long as you allow Donald Trump to run roughshod over our country, you are nothing more than his lap dog. You are just his little bitch.

What do you have against ordinary people of the United States? Why are you allowing the deficit to swell to unprecedented proportions, feeding the ultra-wealthy and big corporations while chipping away at environmental protections, civil rights and Social Security funds (which are NOT entitlements, we EARNED those Social Security funds)? Why are you supporting wars that you claim we can afford somehow, while refusing to help clean up the water of Flint Michigan because we don’t have the funding? Why are you allowing power companies to drill and frack on federal land, when there is evidence this is damaging the environment? Why aren’t you wholeheartedly supporting renewable energy, so America doesn’t have to depend on foreign oil or dangerous practices? How much are you paid for being in the pocket of wealthy companies and individuals? Is it a fair price for your soul?

STOP IT. Stop lying to us. Stop lying to yourself. Stop supporting the Trump Administration, stop destroying the fabric of this country. Stop allowing Donald Trump to walk the road to dictatorship: we need a free press, we need to be able to have reporters ON HAND when Trump meets with foreign leaders, ESPECIALLY Vladimir Putin. Why would you allow this, are you a stooge for Putin too? If you aren’t, pull up your Big Boy pants and tell Trump to stop – and see to it that he does stop, FOLLOW THROUGH. Demand to see his tax records so we will know whether he is in the pocket/indebted to Russian moneymen.

Put an end to the indecency of separating families at the border. Would you want your children to be taken from you and placed in a chain-link pen, without anyone to care for them or comfort them in this frightening and confusing environment? Then why would you think this is something to support, why would you want to do that to vulnerable, helpless people? Do you intend to go down in history as a supporter of these American concentration camps? You will, unless you put a stop to this obscene process.

This is your chance to take a stand, to right these wrongs, to wipe the slate free of this corrupt administration. We are watching you. We voters just use a ballot box. Donald Trump threatened you with putting your head on a pike, and for all you know he might just do it. After all, he’s the one who said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and he would get away with it.

About jmichaeljones57

I am a writer and an avid fan of goats. The two facts are not mutually exclusive.
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