Came for the class, stayed for the camp

DNA tests revealed that 67% of my ancestral heritage is British, in fact some from the York area. You can imagine how delighted I was, how fascinated I was, in the PBS series Downton Abbey, and how I am anticipating the upcoming Downton Abbey movie.
Oh, the marvelous Edwardian era, with the excruciating upper class manners and the working class down-to-earth sensibilities; the elegant clothes and the convoluted mores; those gorgeous accents and the stunning Highclere Castle! The love triangles, the fully realized characters, the interactions of the talented cast! The sumptuous sets, the eye for detail in every scene!
What’s not for an Anglophile to love!
Shameless Confession time: I channel surfed this morning looking for “Downton Abbey” reruns on PBS and came across the SyFy channel’s offering of the Sharknado binge-a-thon. Having already experienced “Megatron” Saturday morning in all its hokey glory, I had to watch “Sharknado”. And “Sharknado 2: The Second One”. Am currently watching “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No”. After that there’s “Sharknado 4:The 4th Awakens”, “Sharknado 5: Global Warning”, and “Last Sharknado: About Time”. (No kidding, that is the title.) I just want to thank Ian Ziering for coming up with the all-time goofiest, foofiest batch of mindless entertaining cinematic TimeKill EVER.
That’s essentially the timeline of my life: Aim for Downton Abbey, end up with Sharknado movies, where a character can get all his limbs bitten off and STILL manage to be a hero with his chin, and a barmaid can casually pilot a fighter jet via casual lessons rather than military training.
Final thought: Last night I saw another camptastic Ian Ziering hoot, “Zombie Tidal Wave” about, yes, zombies arriving in tidal waves. Don’t judge me. Pass the popcorn.
And don’t look at me like that, Lord Grantham. Your daughter Lady Mary is the biggest shark of the Noble Class and you know it.

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I am a writer and an avid fan of goats. The two facts are not mutually exclusive.
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