President Trump Meets With Steel And Aluminum Manufacturing Industry Leaders Announcing New Tariffs

Photo from Time Magazine

No one will mourn you, Donald Trump.

When you die – and we all do, you will be no exception – there will be none to mourn your passing. Consider that for a moment.




Your children will not mourn you; they will be too busy scrambling to snap up the scraps of inheritance you leave to them – after the business interests that loaned you money get their portions first. Such businessmen did not become successful by allowing debts to go unpaid.


The Hill

Your children will be only too eager to hawk their unpleasant memories of you because you taught them your brand of hate and how self-aggrandizement sells. They in turn will sell tawdry, vicious tales about you for $19.99 a pop and not bat an eye. But no one will be willing to shelter your older children or make excuses for them or smooth their paths for them when you are gone. Your children will not mourn you. They may very well curse you for leaving them unprepared for life in the real world.



mrs cocksucker

Town and Country

The women who were married to you will not mourn you; they will be too busy penning tell-all books without legal maneuvers preventing the publications. The women and girls you used for sex will not mourn you. They will tell unsympathetic stories about you to anyone willing to listen.



Chicago Sun-Times

Your lawyers will not stop them because no one will force them to file lawsuits. The lawyers will have their own books to write and sell. Don’t think for a moment that they will not: you surrounded yourself with cheaters and grifters and greedy opportunists at every turn. They will not hesitate to cash in on you while you are still warm to the touch.



clipart kidsYour youngest child and your grandchildren will not mourn your bully tactics and malice and petty behavior once these traits, via the disgust and outrage you stir worldwide, become known to your progeny. They, like Hitler’s relatives, may wish to put distance from you and change their names as soon as they are old enough.

The businessmen and contractors who were cheated by you will not mourn you. They will mourn their inability to see justice done by getting paid the wages you denied them. They will sue your children and grandchildren for compensation. They will visit your grave and spit upon it.


 Fortune Magazine

The people who support you at the moment will not mourn you. They who so easily cast aside the Constitution and the concepts of decency and equality for a chance to ride your tyrannical coattails will easily cast your memory aside. No self-aggrandizing mandate will remain after your passing: once you are gone they will have no need of you. The wealthy supporters hold you in contempt for your lack of finesse and embarrassing absence of intellectual reason. The rank and file voters who supported you will find another false god to worship.


NY Daily Post

The politicians and grifters and staffers who cozied up to you when you were alive will not mourn you. They who yes-man you to your face and despise you around the corner, will claim to dance on your grave as recompense for their service to you. They will not mourn a schoolyard bully.


ABC News

They will not mourn the humiliation and stress they bore for the sake of a pitiful career-ending position in your inner circle. Some may mourn the loss of access to the public spotlight but not the loss of servitude to you.




The political strongmen you claim to admire – Vladmir Putin, Kim Jung Un – will not mourn you. They will laugh over your pitiful ineptitude on the world stage. They will scoff at the way flattery so easily swayed you; how your bid for power and prestige blinded you to the puppet you became for them. They will not mourn you. You meant nothing to them but an easy conquest.



Daily Mail

No one will mourn you, Donald Trump. No one will mourn the pitiful legacy you will leave behind. You who have never shown bravery, honesty, selflessness, sympathy or aid, who never considered others as equal to you, who never cared for anything but your own whims and pleasures, can tell yourself whatever falsehoods you wish but the reality is that the world’s majority despises you.




You were born with advantages others never had but you wasted every opportunity to be genuinely worthy of regard. You settled for hedonism and an easy life for yourself even while erecting barriers for people who did you no harm. You postured and demanded with toddler-like behavior, changing the narrative to suit you and throwing anyone under the bus if they did not swear loyalty to you – even when you show no loyalty to others. Your name has already been stripped from buildings and various business ventures, for yours is a name recognized as a toxic element.



People who are decent will lower the flag to half-mast not out of respect for you, but out of respect to the office of the President. The office you hold, the office you betray with each bombastic tweet and each insulting gesture, will be what is held in regard, not you. At the moment of your death you may realize the folly of your life choices but it will be too late to change, and no one will mourn you.

And that, Donald, is a sad summation of one’s life.

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