Rage, White and Blue

Today was a day off from work, a surprisingly rainy day for the first time in 100 days, and the combination of free time and staying home meant curling up in a chair and breathing easy. I sat down at my keyboard with the intention to simply post something on Facebook, and apply for a new job here and there. The applications were submitted. The simple post was… not so simple to do. It turns out I had a lot of issues to address.

There were too many news stories pointing out the inadequacies and incomprehensible bullshit emerging from the Trump camp as it attempts to set up its Cabinet. Oh my God; is this really happening? The highest office in the land is going to be handed over to a man who displays no grasp for diplomacy whatsoever? A man who does not even pretend to prepare for the job, who suggested he might turn everything over to his (asshole miscreant bullyboy) Vice President-Elect so he, Trump, can wander off and play President for adoring crowds? A President-elect who goes against every tradition, doesn’t want to live in the White House and won’t pay the estimated $1 million dollars a day bill for his wife and son to live in New York Cit  (and instead will have us taxpayers foot the bill?) Who has lied and backtracked on nearly everything he promised his thick-headed brain-washed supporters?

Hell, I could do a better job as president on Day One, than Donald Trump. At least I know some of the rules and expectations.

So I started posting, replying to comments and carrying on and becoming quite the combatant. I may lose “friends” and I might lose touch with people I only recently became reconnected with again, but if their views are so radically insensitive and – say it; so STUPID – that my blood pressure shoots up into the 160’s, I won’t miss ’em. I don’t have anything to lose, and all I have as a weapon in this war on the future legacy of America is my keyboard and thoughts.


One of the issues that recently came up in the news cycle is that President-elect Donald Trump believes flag-burners should be prosecuted and do jail time, despite TWO (2) Supreme Court decisions that say otherwise as per freedom of speech.

I would prefer that people not burn the American flag in protest. It’s a symbol of the country my father and all the other servicemen in World War II fought for, and of my late godson Mike and his efforts in Iran. But this is a country where people have the right to protest, and burning a symbol is a form of protest.

All-American conservatives think nothing of letting a flag stay out all night or in all kinds of weather despite the flag display rule that says to take it in every night and during inclement weather. It’s okay to use it as a bed sheet or curtain, or even fly it alongside the Confederate battle flag WHICH IS THE SYMBOL OF TREASONOUS ACTION AGAINST AMERICA. Don’t tell me you love this country while you worship a confederacy that tried to overthrow this country. Make up your damn mind; are you in or are you out? If you’re in America, stay in. If you’re not, GET OUT.

However if they are going to insist on not burning the flag I would also suggest that people not use the American Flag as a fashion statement. They don’t want someone who is frustrated by inequality and injustice to burn the flag that symbolizes of a country in the throes of dry-rot, but apparently it’s okay to use the Stars and Stripes designs on things like boxer shorts and bikinis.

I’ll restate that with emphasis: conservatives believe it’s wrong to piss on the flag, but it’s okay to place your bare stanky ass against their symbol of freedom until skid marks appear. They demand that everyone pledge blind allegiance to the flag out of respect, but does that mean we’re to salute if the stripes are going around a firm butt and the white stars on a blue field are cupping a pair of size Ds?

It’s this sort of doublespeak bullshit and cherrypicking preferences that drives me up the wall and makes me start standing up and speaking my mind more than ever.

America is a country with faults – its treatment of Native Americans is nothing but a failure of the democratic system – but that doesn’t mean we ought to just double down and turn this country into a kingdom. Our ancestors fought a revolution against the tyranny of a madman king.


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